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Three Reasons Florida Customers Choose Restoration Specialists

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Licensed as a general contractor in Florida, Restoration Specialists has been in the industry for 50 years. It is headquartered in Ocala but has additional locations in Brooksville, Leesburg, Gainesville, Lake City, and Lecanto. Restoration Specialists provides wind, fire, and water restoration services to homeowners. Here are three reasons why customers should choose the company to restore their real assets:

Meticulous Approach

When a homeowner contacts Restoration Specialists, the company will send its professionals to the site. They will first evaluate the extent of damage, then take immediate action to prevent further damage. Afterward, the technicians determine the viability of different restoration procedures and settle on one that will best return the property to its original state while minimizing interruption to residents. The homeowner will be provided with a cost estimate for the service, and if accepted, the company completes the restoration.

Experienced Personnel

A leader in home restoration with half a century of service, Restoration Specialists does not skimp on quality or cut corners. It hires only skilled craftsmen, all of whom are trained and uniformed, to handle residential and commercial restoration projects.

Industry Relationships

Restoration Specialists has good working relationships with both property and casualty insurance companies. Therefore, it can help customers speed up claims after damage to their property.