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Homeowners who experience a fire should contact a restoration specialist immediately. There are several steps individuals and families can take to minimize the risk of fire damage in the home.

Some potential fire threats are obvious. Individuals often use open flames while cooking and should always exercise caution. Every kitchen should have a fire extinguisher, and homeowners should store flammable materials away from the stove. Keeping the cooking area clear of grease and fat buildups is important, which increases the risk of a fire in the kitchen. Dirty ovens and grills are also fire hazards.

Homeowners may deal with other open flames, ranging from candles to open fireplaces. The National Fire Protection Association reports that candles cause approximately 20 house fires daily. Homeowners must handle candles carefully, especially during the cold winter, when house fire numbers spike. They should never permit children to use candles or play near the fireplace without close supervision.

Other fire starters are more surprising. Homeowners who do not clean the lint screens in their dryers are at a greater risk for fires. Dryers cause nine out of 10 fires started by appliances. Lint traps should be thoroughly cleaned after every use, and the area around the dryer should be cleared of debris and any flammable materials.

Additional tips for decreasing the risk of a house fire include replacing old extension cords and limiting electrical outlets to two devices or one high-power device.