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Subtle Signs of Moisture Issues Homeowners Must Watch For

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Based on Ocala, Florida, Restoration Specialists maintains offices in Lake City, Lecanto, Gainesville, Leesburg, and Brooksville. Through these offices, the company serves property owners in 19 counties with a range of services, including construction and remodeling. Beyond that, Restoration Specialists provides disaster mitigation and emergency services, like water damage repair.

Spotting a moisture issue is not always as easy as finding water stains on the ceiling or seeing flooded areas throughout the home. Instead, homeowners may only be signaled that their home has been damaged by water via problems with the paint or wallpaper. When there is water behind the walls, high humidity, or lack of proper ventilation, the paint or wallpaper in that area will peel, bubble, or become discolored. When homeowners see this, they should take immediate action to address the presence of water in the affected area.
Flooring also commonly warps when exposed to excessive moisture. Wood floors show water damage particularly quickly by either cupping or warping. Laminate and engineered wood flooring also is susceptible to water damage, as are tile floors. These types of flooring might not warp when exposed to water, but they may become loose or shift out of place.
A musty or moldy odor is another indication of excessive moisture. With slow leaks, homes may develop a musty smell before they start showing physical signs of water damage. Homeowners should address a moldy or mildewed odor as soon as they notice it. A sudden jump in water bill costs is also a possible sign of a water leak.

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