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Restoration Specialists Help Homeowners Recover from Disaster

Restoration Specialists

With locations in Ocala, Gainesville, Brooksville, Leesburg, Lecanto, and Lake City, Restoration Specialists has served Floridians since 1972. Restoration Specialists specializes in repairing property damage caused by wind, water, and fire.

Experienced teams first assess damage, prioritize necessary procedures, and write an estimate. Their 24-hour service begins with establishing an emergency power supply and securing the premises. While they are hauling away debris, they restore heating and plumbing and reinforce the roof as needed, and then proceed to address wind, water, or smoke damage.
Moving on to reconstruction, workers tend to roofing, interior walls, and siding. They also replace doors, windows, and cabinets. Hardwood, tile, and vinyl flooring receive special attention, in addition to carpeting. Ensuring proper operation of plumbing and HVAC takes place along with rewiring.
The company also focuses on cleaning, as crews remove grime from upholstery, furniture, and window coverings. They also concentrate on cleaning ducting in the ventilation system. Laundry and dry cleaning services are provided when necessary, and workers control mildew and dehumidify the house.
Restoration teams enhance livability by thoroughly painting interior and exterior surfaces and replace damaged wallpaper if necessary.
Bringing back a home from disaster requires a lot of red tape. Restoration Specialists assists by handling property and casualty insurance claims for its customers.

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