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How to Remove Soot from a Home

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Based in Ocala, Florida, Restoration Specialists is a wind, fire, and storm restoration outfit with offices in Brooksville, Gainesville, Lecanto, Lake City, and Leesburg. Among its many offerings, Restoration Specialists offers clients soot and smoke removal services in a home.

Soot is a dark substance in the form of a powder that proceeds from the incomplete burning of organic matter. It should be removed from the home after a fire to prevent more damage. Soot culminates from the combustion of wood, oil, and coal. After a structure has burned down, the soot left behind comprises acids, chemicals, dust, and metals, which leave a black residue. While a fire is in progress, soot spreads throughout the home, but it must be removed because it can damage the home and the indoor air quality if left for a long time.

While homeowners should seek out the services of professionals because they have industrial-grade equipment to remove soot, homeowners can remove soot if they cannot get professional help. One suggestion is to remove soot from the walls using mild soap or detergent to remove stains from the walls, furniture, and floors.

Some experts suggest mixing a gentle solution to help remove the soot. Another suggestion is to combine four to six cups of tri-sodium phosphate with one cup of household cleaner.

In either case, rinse the surface with warm water after cleaning the affected area. Experts also recommend wearing gloves while cleaning.